Marie Rebérat,
fashion designer ...

Marie Rebérats’ designs are an expression of happiness and joy. A sparkling bouquet of energetic colours, highlighted and ‘disciplined’ by rich greys and blacks.
Vibrant, inventive and authentic, Marie Rebérats’ fashion is the expression of long and patient research on texture, form, design and colour. The result is beautifully executed clothes and accessories, sublimely refined down to the tiniest detail and above all great fun to wear.
Her clothing is a song for life, her colours, a hymn to joy. Each collection is unique and original, yet the happy conversation is ongoing and collection after collection, the clothes complement each other and can be mixed and co-ordinated with confidence.
More that just beautiful fashion, Marie Rebérats’ stunning designs are a statement , an attitude… a frame of mind.

energy know-how intuition
Spontaneity colour gaiety joy energy know-how intuition
Made in France / Fabriqué en France